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Monica, founder of Bala Yoga, started yoga at 19 years of age to learn more about meditation, mental health and different breathing techniques.

Coming from a background in Martial arts, she initially found it quite difficult to move slowly and slow down the mind. After years of practise, yoga then also became a passion and a great contrast to her usual training.

With so many incredible mental health benefits she wanted to share this practise with as many people as possible. With 10 years of teaching children Martial Arts under her sleeve, she took the plunge to also become a yoga instructor under Emma Ceolin of yogaventures. Not long after, she also completed her children’s yoga teacher training with Laura McGee of Divine Light Yoga.



Bala yoga began to help bring more balance into busy lives and minds. Living in a time when everything is so fast, high stress and demanding, we know how important it is to also take the time to slow down and bring more ‘yin’ to our lives.

While most people believe yoga is mainly about flexibility, that is only one small element! At Bala Yoga, we aim to create a comfortable and welcoming space to be yourself, unwind, be present and move the body with respect and love.

We incorporate the asana (physical practise) with many useful breathing techniques, that you can use in everyday life to help combat stress and anxiety.

Bala Yoga is here for everyone! We aim to provide a complementary practise to athletes. Time for yourself for the busy mums, dads and hard workers, and even kids and teens.

The best part about yoga is that no one needs to be an expert to enjoy it and reap all the benefits! All levels are welcome. All we ask is that you come to your mat with authenticity, an open mind and a willingness to learn and let go.



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